Updating my blackberry storm

01-Sep-2017 15:53

[Remember it doesn’t matter if you have the 2000 z-contacts in a sub-folder or not] That was all I needed to do, the next time it paired with my i Drive (2006 BMW M5) the contacts list appeared after a short wait HOWEVER, some people have said it’s best to keep the i Phone from sleeping whilst waiting for the initial sync to happen and some have said they had to delete the i Phone-BMW pairing and re-pair, so lets be safe and do both.

Delete the pairing – On you i Phone go to Settings-Bluetooth and if you see BMW##### [where there #’s are the last 5 digits of your car’s chasis number in case you didn’t know that] click it and select unpair.

It should then start importing all the contacts, leave this going, it can take some time, on my machine it took a few minutes but that’s because my profile isn’t store locally, you may find it’s done much quicker.

You should all be done now, if you look in your contacts your should see 2000 Z-contacts all with the same phone number.

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[Windows users – notice how much easier this whole process was on an Apple 🙂 perhaps it’s time to switch!

Another reader then tweaked this to get 2000 fake contacts each with the same phone number, the i Drive ignores any contacts that have the same telephone number and only syncs with one of them, so now we had 2000 Z-contacts on the i Phone all with the same number and this allowed ALL the contacts on the i Phone to sync with the i Drive but only showed ONE z-contact at the end.